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Hey there!  My name is Bradley and I am the non-diabetic half of Dream Big, Travel Far.  I have known Cazzy since the second year of University and in that time i have grown very close to her. Naturally I have come to understand many of the harsh realities of living with Type 1 Diabetes and how it can often limit what you are able to do. For this reason  I have come to respect and admire Cazzy for everything she has accomplished so far and the bravery she has in embarking on this once in a lifetime adventure. And on a personal level I am so happy that she is the one I am travelling with regardless of the illness.

I hope that from reading what I have to say, you can yourself find the inspiration and motivation to go out and push what you think is possible from yourself. I have too many friends who tell me their ambitions and their dreams but so often lack the belief in themselves to do what they truly want to do. For me this passion and desire comes in the form of wanting to see the entire world. It is both that simple and that complicated at the same time. It will take years to see everywhere I want, but the fact that I know this is what I want is what pushes and motivates me to believe it will become my reality.

For those of you who share a similar desire, or even just a desire to travel for a few weeks or months or to certain destinations then what I have to say is perfect for you! Nothing would make me happier than knowing that by living our dreams, we are inspiring others to do the same.

I hope that what I have to say is not just helpful for the everyday traveller but more specifically as well for those of you who are Type 1 diabetic or travelling with someone who is. I understand all too well the risks Cazzy faces, and that scares the hell out of me sometimes! But for me, it’s a learning process  and I will do whatever I can to stick to our plans and power through any challenges that may befall us. So please please please read what I have to say and learn how to overcome these challenges before they ever happen to you.

So if you think you are not quite clued up on how to travel with someone with Diabetes, or if you have Diabetes and you have a friend that is going with you but doesn’t maybe understand what is in store, then get in touch! There is a contact form on the Contact Us page of this site and I am more than happy to offer any advice and support I can.

Similarly, if you know anything that may help me and that you would like shared with the community reading this blog then please again get in touch!

That leaves me to say …. Welcome to Dream Big, Travel Far!

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